Who we are?
Calling for participants: International workshop in Budapest
DIA 2015.03.25

DEBATE as a teaching method has limitless opportunities in DEVELOPING  ourselves and others. Let’s DISCOVER its potential together!



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What is it about?


The workshop is dedicated to those initiatives, approaches, good practices and methods which arefocusing on debate education for various purposes from skills’ development to organisational andcommunity development, from conflict management to fostering civic participation.The goal of the workshop is to bring together like-minded professionals of youth-work, civicparticipation and education for three days of sharing know-how, discovering new paths and buildingconnections.


Where and when?


Budapest, 4th-6th of June


Whom is it for?


The ideal participant of the workshop is:

  • leader, member or co-worker of a non-governmental organisation
  • experienced in the field of debate methods (for example as debate trainer or teacher or initiator of debate-related projects, etc.), or:
  • genuinely motivated to learn about debate methods, and committed to use them in his/her work, and:
  • has at least two years of working experience.


What to expect?


Interactive sessions, thought-provoking discussions, inspiring people, useable methods and valuable experiences. Every participant will be solicited to present methods s/he works with. The workshop is also an excellent opportunity to extend international networks and to ground future collaborations.


And the conditions?


Participation at the workshop is free, related costs (meals and lodging) will be covered by Foundation for Democratic Youth and the Erasmus+ Programme. Participants can apply for travel reimbursement up to 160 euros.


How to apply? 


Please fill out the online application form of the workshop.




Application deadline: 7th of April 2015


PLEASE NOTE that there are only limited places available for the workshop (up to 10 participants) Applications will be selected on the basis of their motivation, previous experiences and geographical distribution. In case there are too many applications, we may not be able to host more than one participant from the same organisation.


About the organisers


We strive to live in a world where all young people find their niche and community. Therefore, we, in the Foundation for Democratic Youth do our best to empower young people in order for them to think positively of the future, to acquire knowledge and gain experiences about the world surrounding them, to learn how to take pro-active steps regarding issues relevant to them and last but not least to participate actively in solving the problems of their respective communities. Our mission is implemented through various projects in the following areas: youth service, democratic debate, organizational development, social innovation.


Contact: hellodia@i-dia.org (Flóra Benkő)


More: www.en.i-dia.org